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About Michael


Michael was born and raised in

Salmon, Idaho which is a mid sized

town in the central eastern part of


It was obvious that Michael had a 

love for the arts and artmaking at

a very young age. 

After a tour of duty in the US Army and Vietnam, in 1975

Michael migrated to Alaska. During this time he attended the

University of Colorado in Boulder. He quips he may be the only conservative student who received an art degree in Boulder!


"I certainly got tired of snorting tofu!" 

Returning to Alaska fulltime Michael worked as a teacher in the public school system for 3 years until he decided to follow his first love of fine arts.


Today, after many years of study and work, Michael is recognized as one of the premier landscape artists of Alaska. 


Michael is very versatile in his style and mediums. He lets the composition dictate both the style and medium he believes conveys the results he wants.


Take time and enjoy the selections Michael has presented here. If you would like to purchase any of Michael's work, there is contact information on the header. 


Thank you.    

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