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London, England

I spent very little time in London as I landed there on the 4th of May and the coronation of the King of England was May, 6th. 
Last thing I wanted to do is get caught up in that scene!
Here are a few photos I took on my way to the airport. 

I caught a taxi to the airport. I attempted to solicit the taxi driver to take me to some prominent points of London for extra money but he had a personality which should have been assigned to an alligatior so I just requested a ride to the airport which was only 5 miles away. The driver detected my accent so he decided to give me a ride through every back street in London running up the meter. It cost me over $50.00 to go 5 miles. I knew there was a reason why I didn't like London and he validated my attitude. 

My flight to Amsterdam was not scheduled until 4:50pm. I was at the airport at 10:00am. After finding my ticket the service counter at Brittish Airways asked if I would like to bump up my flight to 10:30 am at no additional charge! This was fantastic as it put me into Amsterdam before noon as the flight was only 45 minutes. 


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