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Paris, France

A quick bus tour past many of the main sites of Paris and then 
on to the point where we boarded a cruise boat down the river Seine which cuts through Paris. The embarkation was close to the Eiffel Tower. A nice way to begin the tour...


This is a scene inside the cruise boat just prior to embarking. Democrats were part of the cruise. They are easily identified by the masks they wear! I wondered how he was going to eat his meal and drink wine.


This was part of the meal on the cruise boat. This meal took first prize for the most horrible tasting meal my entire cruise experience. That sausage loaf tasted like dog food and that red stuff was supposed to make the dog food taste better but I didn't have the appetite to try it as I figured it was ground up duck liver. Not my first choice in a meal. The wine was excellent. Gave me an opportunity to wash down the dog food!

The second entree was roast duck but my appetite was ruined from the dog food sausage bake so I cut Donald Duck some slack and didn't eat his brother!


Part of the bus tour passed by the Arch De Triumph 


This is the facade of the world famous Louve Art Gallery. This facade is over 2000 yards long!


This is the famous cathedral Notre Dame. It is currently going through major renovations due to the immense fire in 2019. 


Just one of the multitude of art galleries which are constructed along the banks of the Seine. They were having a major exhibition of Eduard Manet and Edgar Degas pastels. My time in Paris was severely limited so unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to go to any art galleries. Perhaps a reason to return...


During Napoleon's rule of France, he regulated that no buildings could be over 110 feet tall which gives Paris a unique flavor. No skyscrapers. What the archetecture loses in height, it makes up in decorative design. Most of the buildings reminded me of exotic wedding cakes. The balconies made of wrought iron had restrictions that they could only be a maximum of 3 foot exposure. Many were only 1 foot protruding over the streets. This gives Paris a very unique look. 


Gold Guilded statues decorating one of the multitude of bridges traversing the river Seine. 


Even the bridges were decorated with magnificent statues

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